Considering the location of this year’s Potato Poland International Fair, which is related to the professional and sustainable production of fries, Farm Frites Poland SA, with its headquarters in Lębork, decided to join the event.
Farm Frites Poland SA started its operations in Lębork in 1994 with the production of French fries. In the following years, a line of potato pancakes and flakes was opened. Currently, the company is one of the leading producers of frozen French fries in Central and Eastern Europe. It produces fries, pancakes and potato flakes for three customers: McDonald’s, Farm Frites and Aviko, which reach consumers all over the world. All potatoes used in production, which each year exceeds 250,000 tonnes, are grown in Poland by over 100 producers. The company is active in the field of sustainable development, including sustainable agriculture, for example by being the founder and member of the Polish Association of Sustainable Agriculture „ASAP”, a non-profit organization helping Polish farmers to implement the principles of sustainable agriculture.