During the Potato Poland Nidzica 2019 fair, over 120 exhibitors from Poland and abroad, from various industries closely related to the potato market, specializing in agro-technology, machinery accessories and storage equipment, plant breeding, domestic and international trade as well as processing, presented their offer.

Interest in the industry, including: agricultural producers oriented on implementing innovations and conducting professional production, traders, restaurateurs and consumers, turned out to be very large, and the exhibition was visited by nearly 12,000 people for 3 days.

Representatives of the world of science, public institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and members and management of the Polish Potato Federation ensured the high level of international conferences and ceremonial gala. These events gained a total attendance of nearly 1350 participants – industry elite from 12 countries.

A record-breaking number of visitors is expected during Potato Poland 2020:

– 300 exhibitors from 20 countries

– 25,000 visitors, a multitude of invited foreign guests from several continents

– conferences and events for 2000 participants

The event will be accompanied by a culinary festival, with the participation of circles of farm women, famous chefs and restaurateurs as well as media. Culinary and educational workshops for children and youth will take place during the festival. The canon of Polish cuisine will be presented, as well as its modern forms in a global edition.