– XXVII Polish Potato Days

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are honoured to invite you to participate in XXVII edition of National Potato Days – POTATO POLAND 2020.This is one of the largest and most important specialized international agricultural events not only in Poland, but alsoin Central and Eastern Europe. It brings together the entire potato industry and its surroundings. During three daysexhibitors, distinguished speakers and guests from around the world participate in the event, which gives the opportunity for unique meetings. This year’s POTATO POLAND 2020 takes place under the slogan FULL POTATO POWER. During the exhibition there will be two main conferences titled “Mine of Possibilities” and “Passion – Professionalism – Quality”. The high substantive level of the conference guarantees access to the latest market knowledge and learning about the trends of the global food market. The culinary festival will reveal the secrets of Polish Cuisine Canon, as well as present the use of Polish quality products in modern cuisine.

The gala combined with the award granting ceremony by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is also a high-ranking event, accompanied by a high-class cultural program that will certainly remain in your memory for a long time. The 2020 edition of the event is hosted by a professional, commercial Agricultural Farm in Lubków, located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Bolesławiec poviat, Warta Bolesławiecka commune. The choice of exhibition location is not accidental and closely links the theme of the fair with the region of Lower Silesia, which is famous for specialist, qualitative, commercial potato production for processing, commercial networks and exports.

The topics of fairs and conferences emphasize the specificity of the region’s production and give the opportunity to acquire knowledge, learn new technologies, directions of cultivation and innovation in agri-food processing. POTATO POLAND 2020 is organized by Polish Potato Federation, Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute – National Research Institute, as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. This is closely related to the active policy of the ministry, aimed at raising the profile of Polish agriculture as well as expanding the possibilities of cooperation with foreign markets for Polish agricultural producers and the domestic agri-food industry. The involvement of representatives of the industry, the world of science and state authorities in the organization of this unique event guarantees its prestigious character and substantive level of the highest quality. I invite you to co-create the next edition of the National Potato Days – POTATO POLAND 2020. For my part, I can promise that I will do my best to meet your expectations. I am convinced that FULL POTATO POWER will be a positive impulse for the development of your local communities, enterprises and farms.

With Best Regards,
dr. Eng Tomasz Bieńkowski
Commissioner of XXVII National Potato Days – POTATO POLAND 2020